New Online Loans 2019 – See news! Moments and Installment Loans

The end of the year on the BankCrest blog is the standard of comparisons and comparisons. Today, we will introduce you to new online loans for 2019. There will be installment loans, payday loans and even bank loans. See for a write-up

As every year, I make a decent review of what has appeared new in the topic of loans granted via the Internet. On the last day of November I decided to prepare a list for you in which I collected a few new loans granted online in 2019. You will find here only offers that are provided online, without leaving your home.

Exceptionally in this juxtaposition, I decided to distinguish two bank offers. I decided to take this step because these banks do not only offer credit via the Internet, but it is indeed possible to settle all the formalities on the Internet. On the topic of non-bank loans granted online, you will find both installment loans as well as short-term loans with a repayment period of 30 days.

New Bank Loans online 2019

po┼╝yczki udzielane w 2019 roku online

I will start with Nerobank, because after the number of accepted applications, I can assess that this bank is once more likely to give loans completely via the Internet. It is true that the bank does not grant high amounts of loans in this way, because the maximum amount of the loan granted in this way can be up to PLN 4,000. Nevertheless, the bank’s offer definitely deserves to be written about it. The repayment period of loans granted via the Internet in Nerobank can be from 3 to 60 months. An internet loan can be used for any purpose, and so it can be a good offer for the budget, before the upcoming holidays. To obtain an online loan at Nerobank we will need an ID card, employer’s or company’s details, our bank account number and a mobile phone number.

The second of the proposals for bank loans granted online is Choryata, a service operating under the bank Crediter. The amount of credit granted online is up to 30,000 PLN. However, it is worth knowing that through the bank, we can get a cash loan, the amount of which can reach up to PLN 200,000. We can also apply for such a high loan via the internet. However, in order to complete additional formalities, it will be necessary to visit the nearest bank branch located around us. The amount of online credit costs can be calculated using a special calculator located on the bank’s website. After submitting the loan application, it is necessary to make a verification transfer from the bank account belonging to us.

New Online loans – non-bank installments 2019

New Online loans - non-bank installments 2019

We start the review of the non-bank loan market from a company whose Lenderspo brand has been known for several years, but the installment offer was only introduced a few months ago. Lenderspo Raty, because of this brand, makes it possible to get an installment loan completely online. As part of the first loan through the company, we can get up to 6000 PLN with a repayment period of up to 18 months. A larger loan limit and a longer repayment period are available as part of subsequent loans. Lenderspo can offer up to PLN 10,000 to regular clients with a repayment period of up to 24 months. The condition for obtaining a loan at Lenderspo is to have 21 years of age and a permanent place of residence in Poland.

Bankiter is a new online credit platform that allows you to get both a bank loan as well as loans from the non-banking sector. After reviewing our history and creditworthiness, the company will match the most advantageous financial offer for us. So it will be a particularly good proposition for those people who are not sure if they can get a loan online at the bank. The comparison of offers using Bankiter is completely free and without additional obligations. Bankiter helps in obtaining both cash loans for any purpose, but also car loans, mortgages or renovation or finishing of the flat.

New online loans can also be found at Dyloan. This is a very interesting loan offer, because it is addressed to people who are interested in very fast loan repayment. The company makes it possible to repay the loan both once and in the form of a 30-day’s payday, as well as 2 or 3 monthly installments. Dyloan can borrow up to PLN 3,000 for new clients. With subsequent loans, we can borrow a larger amount, which can amount up to PLN 5,000. The company provides loans to people who are over 21 years of age. It is worth noting that currently in Dyloan we find a promotion for new customers, under which, the first loan can be borrowed completely for free.

Payday Loan online 2019

Fastero new loans online 2019 Fastero

A novelty among payday loans for 2019 is the Caster brand, operating under the wings of the Warsaw-based SolCredit Sp. z o. o. This is a traditional minute that is granted for a period of up to 30 days. For people using the services of the company as a new client, a free payment for 0 PLN to 1500 PLN has been reserved. In the case of regular Caster customers, an increase in the limit of loans up to PLN 3,000 is planned. The main condition for getting a payday is over 20 years and having Polish citizenship. In addition, people who want to get a loan via Caster should have a positive credit history at Retrodatabase (Economic Information Bureau).

Another new payday is Spanto, a company in which you will also be able to borrow a free payday as a new client. Each person who applies for a loan at Spanto can get a loan of up to PLN 1,500 for a period of 15 to 30 days. Anyone who is over 20 years old will be able to obtain a minute. In addition, to get a loan, you can not have any debts that would be visible from such databases. Loans are granted only to persons with a regular source of income. It is not necessary to submit income certificates to obtain a loan.

Pur Credit does not belong to the companies in which we find the promotion of free money for PLN 0, but undoubtedly belongs to the group of new companies on the loan market. As part of the first loan, we can apply for a loan of up to PLN 2,000. With subsequent loans, the company may raise the loan limit up to PLN 5,000. The loan repayment period, as in most companies, can be up to 30 days. The Pur Credit loan can be granted to people who are 21 years old and have permanent employment and Polish citizenship. To obtain a minute, it is also necessary to have a bank account and make a verification transfer in the amount of PLN 0.01.

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